What if your water
could speak?

And tell you where it came from, how it was treated
and what it contains.

Our vision is to create a world where everyone has access to safe and healthy drinking water. 

Our mission is to empower individuals and communities with clear, accessible, and actionable information about their drinking water.
We're dedicated to enhancing the science of water quality monitoring, making it simpler, quicker, and more affordable to understand and safeguard drinking water. 

"The true measure of water quality lies not just in its physical properties, but in the value and attention our society places on this vital resource – how much we invest in it and what level of risk we deem acceptable. This issue transforms from an abstract concept to a stark reality when it impacts us or our loved ones, through ailments like legionellosis, lead poisoning, cancer, and other conditions linked to water quality." 

Michael Hank 

Founder and former CEO of inge membranes and Seccua
Co-founder and CEO of beebe.io

The truth about water quality.

Facts  about U.S. household water supply.

did not receive a water quality report

spent per year on home water treatment

average household spending on bottled water

of U.S. citizens distrust their tap water

We're only one App away
from safe water.

The beebe.io App will guide you to safe drinking water.

We will provide comprehensive information about drinking water quality, both easily accessible and understandable. We will enable our users to take an informed decision, whether their tap-water is potable or needs to be treated.

Our solution will provide information for any place of interest, be it at home, school or places our users travel to.

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Hover over the orange dots to read descriptions

How our users think about us.

In a survey conducted amongst 1,032 U.S. residents with tertiary education .

"I do a lot of studies about new products, or new apps. This one right here would be completely useful. I don't really see a downside for this app. 

I do believe you have a winner with this one."

Participant of beebe.io's market survey

Test  your water anywhere you go!

With our revolutionary, AI powered, portable water sensor.

beebe.io is developing the worlds first smart home sensor for water quality.

Pocket-sized, cost-effective and easy to use it will allow to test water anywhere: at home, in schools, care facilities, hotels or others places that are important to you.

AI powered and connected to the water quality grid, it will open entire new possibilities of improving water quality and managing water distribution systems.

We create Transparency, foster Awareness, and spark Engagement  to make Drinking Water #SafeForAll.

Our tech Universe

The beebe.io community

We are determined to empower people to take better informed decisions and to protect and improve water quality every day.



Water Treatment OEMs

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Don't beam me up, Scotty!

Lots of market companions down here!

In fact all market companions, such as Public Water Quality Reports, Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Testkits, Professional Lab analysis and others will profit from having a central and smart database in place, making all of the acquired data more useful.

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Behind the curtains of beebe.io

Charles William Beebe 

Namesake and role-model

On August 15, 1934, Williams Beebe [bee-bee] and his engineer Otis Barton dived to a depth of 3,028 feet, deeper than any human had gone before and discovered dozens of new species.

Beebe and his efforts to explore the unknown were a major influence in the development of ecology and conservation and he so does not only acts as a namesake but also as a role model for the team of beebe.io™

Michael Hank 

Passionate Serial-Founder, CEO

Innovator, successful serial entrepreneur (inge membranes, Seccua), more than 20 years experience in developing technologies, products and companies. Market expert both B2B and B2C in USA, EU, China.

“beebe.io is more than a business endeavor; it's a commitment to ensuring that every tap delivers water that meets not just regulatory standards, but also the expectations of the communities  served.”


Join us now!

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We're in the process of rounding up our first prototypes of our revolutionary app and sensor! Launch-date is planned for April 2024.

So if you feel that any of the following applies to you: